Brass wrapped cartridges

Good day all, please can someone point me in the direction to find out about these cartridges? I got my first one and Henk told me that you can collect them according to inspection hole shape… i didnt even know about the inspection hole!!!

Thanks in advance,

You mean .577/450 ?

Yes sir.

A search here on the forum brings this:

You also have the Snider, plus the ,450’ and the ,500’s in their various lengths, plus the experimental and the coiled tinned-steel cases. Plus a couple of coiled cases have a headstamp. A broad arrow in the iron base disc.

In the M.H. you have patch colors & Rifle or Carbine load plus the Indian variations.

PLUS blank, shot, & dummies in both board & coal-dust variations.

There is a Mark 1 in my latest sale, see lot 408.

Seems to be no end to them.