Brazilian Mauser clips (first post)

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This is my first post here, but I have been following threads for many years now, the information that can be found on this forum is simply amazing.

I would like to know more about the stripper-clips that were used with the Brazilian M1894 and M1908 Mauser rifles. I suspect that most of these clips were produced in Europe (probably in Germany, Austria-Hungary and Great-Britain) and imported together with the corresponding 7x57mm ammunition. In addition to these, I’m sure the Brazilians produced clips later on. I believe I saw photos of “FR” marked clips in an earlier thread, though there might be more markings associated with those Brazilian made clips.

If anyone has information concerning the markings, manufacturers, varieties of clips and dates of production, please let me know. Pictures of these clips would be much appreciated. Many thanks!

These are the Brazilian clips that I have … unfortunately all my notes are in storage so I can’t give you any more information on makers or dates. If there has been surplus 7x57 where clips show up in unopened packets then this will almost certainly have ended up in the US … I’ve never seen any here in the UK.


CBC Compahnia Brasileira de Cartuchoes.( private supplier)
FR Fabrica Realengo (gov’t facility)

Doc AV

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I recently acquired a couple of 7x57 clips marked H , D.M. , P.S. , P.M. and T , all in cartouches. I am not sure who made these clips (I guess D.M. is probably Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken). Aside from those, many of my other 7mm clips are completely unmarked. Is there any way to identify the manufacterers of my clips? Thanks for your help.

You’re right about who produced your D.M clip … “H” was Hirtengerger in Austria whilst “PS” was Seville, “T” was Toledo and “PM” was Pirotecnia Militar, all Spanish government arsenals.

The other big user of 7x57 was Mexico who made their own unique clips but you’ll also find them from British, French, Serbian, and Swiss producers. As for the unmarked clips, I have 20 different ones of those but unless you find them in their original sealed boxes there’s no hope of pining down where they came from, or when.


PS I suspect a lot of the unmarked ones were made during the Spanish Civil War when small workshops were enlisted into efforts to supply sufficient munitions, especially on the Republican side … but that really is just a guess

A very common source of unmarked examples of this clip is FN of Belgium. Jack

Thanks Peter, Jack and DocAV for the replies!

I still have several questions regarding 7mm clips. Are Germany, Austria-Hungary, Britain, France, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Belgium and Brazil the only countries that have produced 7x57mm clips? That would mean that all the other countries that used 7x57mm were dependant on foreign supply.

Apart from the Mexican clips, are there any other 7mm clips that differ from the standard Mauser pattern clips?

Does anyone have pictures of the Serbian, Swiss and French 7mm clips, I have never seen any. Could it be the case that the French 7mm clips were produced for Serbia during WW1?


The chargers made in Mexico are truly unique and are the only 7x57 ones that deviate from the usual flat-back design.

Here are pictures of the other countries chargers that you’re looking for;




What survived of the Serbian Army took refuge in Northern Greece after being defeated in Serbia itself, it then was supplied by the Allies with Britain taking responsibility for providing 7x57 ammunition. Here’s a paper relating to the payment for the supply of chargers from Messrs Hinks Wells;

I have a 7x57 charger marked H&W which may or may not be from Hinks Wells as they either used the full form of their name or just H.W.