BREAKING NEWS 2nd Amendment stuff

The Supreme Court has ruled the DC gun ban is unconstitutional. I’m guessing y’all know that is a good thing. Works for me, anyway. … 07-290.pdf

The complete decision is at the above link (150 + pages of it)

That was a good win!

However, we were only ONE JUDGE away from losing our Second Amendment rights!

Note that Stevens’ dissenting opinion included great elaboration on “safe storage of ammunition” type precedents, obviously hoping to shore up the anti-gun crowd’s desire to achieve their gun ban goals by controlling ammunition. (Think limits on number of cartridges, requirements for “magazine bunkers”, permits, licenses, inspections, background checks for each bullet purchase, etc!)

It is absolutely esssential that the President who will nominate three or more Supreme Court justices and hundreds of federal court judges be someone who will support strict constructionist or original intent judges, not judicial activists.

That means voting for McCain, no matter how much you may disagree with him on some issues. Our ammunition and gun rights hang on keeping Obama out of power. [This is not an endorsement by IAA, its officers, or agents, but a personal opinion. However, it is shared by Sandra Froman, past President of the NRA!]

Congratulations on a good result.

When they have finished with the Lawyer can we have him?