Breaking News Biden State Department Bans Import of Russian Ammo and Firearms

Just another day in this Brave New World.


Is Clinton’s Chinese ban still on?

I believe so. I am just reporting latest current events.
This most likely will not hurt the U.S. consumers except for the low cost 7.62x39 and 7.62x54Rmm low cost ammo. I believe all AK firearms are made in this country due to laws I maybe wrong , don’t remember and no time to check today.
If Mail order sales get outlawed as the U.S. House wants, that will hurt 100s of thousands of people in the industry. But most like will not pass the U.S. Senate (?)
My opinion only and we all have different opinions, which is still our God given rights,
so far.

Again only reporting latest current events. Not Politics.

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Shift to same calibres produced in Bulgaria, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, even new Production in Turkey.

Most of the “Brands” sold in US, are simply rebadged Russian manufacture… so simple Rebadging to use non-
Russian sources.

Doc AV

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Yes and the Fed’s most likely don’t look at head stamps.

Steel case 223 is vey popular.