Bren Charger


This is really for Peter (Enfield 56) but I thought all might like to see it, the charger for the Bren gun magazine.



Is this charger fully loaded? You can see fourteen rounds - an odd amount. I would think it should hold fifteen cartridges. Is there one you can’t see at the end that goes over the magazine top?

I know some people advise loading 28 rounds in 30-round magazines for reliability. Frankly, I have always thought that is a BS practice, as any good magazine has “play” up and down fully loaded to allow for dirt clearance, etc. But chargers are usually made to equal the full magazine capacity one way or another, ie: two 15-round chargers load a 30-shot magazine. That’s why I ask.


Yes John, it is designed to hold 14 rounds. The Bren magazine was usually loaded with 28 rounds, whether that was strictly necessary or not I am not sure.




Many thanks for that Monday pick-me-up, those Bren chargers are as rare as hen’s teeth.

It really is a bit optimistic to put 14 rimmed cartridges into a charger and to expect the average squaddie to be able to use it. The Bren magazine is remarkably tricky to load with single rounds once its about half full, the spring is a powerful one and its all too easy to get a rim stuck behind the one beneath it. The friction alone would made these 14 round ones tricky but you’d really need the thumbs of Atlas to overcome the magazine spring as well.

The picture shows that the ‘loading’ hand has nothing to work against, made all the more difficult by the magazine being ‘fixed’ (although tilting) to the receiver of the rifle. Hard enough to do on the practice range, let alone whilst under fire. Much better to just carry loaded magazines.

Little wonder the thing remained experimental.

I’d still like to get my hands on one though!

Happy collecting, Peter


Perhaps someone in British army ordnance saw the Breda M30 LMG with its “stuff it in and pull it out” charger and thought something similar would be the berries. Jack