Brenneke cartridge list

Such as the sauer topic,I would like to have a list of the Brenneke cartridges :)

I know these ones:

8 x 64 I and S
8 x 65 R and RS
8 x 72R
9,3 x 64
9,3 x 65R ( semi-experimental)
7 x 64
7 x 65R
6,5 x 64


Here you go Pivi

Chronology of known Brenneke Cartridge designs:

1898 : 8x72R Brenneke : W12
c1905 : 7x65R Brenneke (Experimental) : W109
1908 : 8x80R Brenneke (Experimental) : W88
1912 : 8x64 Brenneke : W8
1912 : 8x64S Brenneke : W9
c1914 : 8x65R Brenneke : W10
c1914 : 8x65RS Brenneke : W11
1917 : 7x64 Brenneke : W5
1917 : 7x65R Brenneke : W6
c1920 : 8.1x66.5R Brenneke Experimental : W16
1926/27 : 9.3x64 Brenneke : W13
1926/30 : 9.3x65R Brenneke : W14
1927 : 7x72R Brenneke : W7 (there is some doubt about this date)
1928 : 9.3x70 Magnum : W15 (there is doubt as to who designed this)
1937 : 7x64.5 Brenneke Maximum (Experimental) : W84
1938 : 8x66 Brenneke Maximum (Experimental) : W86
1939 : 7x66 Brenneke Maximum (Experimental) : W85
1939 : 9.3x66 Brenneke Maximum (Experimental) : W87

The so-called 6.5x64 and 6.5x64R “Brenneke” are not Brenneke designs.

Brad,very good answer,as always

Who did create the 6,5 x 64 ® ?

Mister Hannes Kepplinger, an engineer and gunsmith in Kufstein (Tyrol/Austria), developed the 6.5x64 (W67) in 1987. The use of the term “Brenneke” was his proposal and he hoped that this well known name would promote his cartridges. This is the rimless counterpart of the 6.5x64R (W69) and apart from the rim of the second, both have the same dimensions.

The case of the 6,5x64 was originally made by MEN but was later produced by MATRAFEM-HUNGARY (MFS). The cases are loaded by the firm of Hannes Kepplinger using 6,5g (100grs) or 8,4g (130grs) Hornady bullets and modern double-base powders. The ballistic information is impressive, the energy is better than of a 30-06. The hunting success in not only limited to European game. The cartridge fits well for African game too.

Generally thought to have been introduced 1987 (Meyer says 1989) which is believed to correspond with the MEN “V” date code. About 1990, Dynamit Nobel (RWS) responded to these developments by issuing a quite similar cartridge known as the 6,5 x 65 RWS (W57). It may been assumed that Dynamit Nobel

So the 6,5 mm Kepplinger/Brenneke cartridges are a necked down versions of the 7 x 64/65R cartridges,maybe Kepplinger attached the name “Brenneke” according to their parent cases.
I have a 6,5 x 64 case headstamped “MEN 6.5 x 64 BRENNEKE” ( the second one in your picture) but I have never heard something about a rifle in this chambering imported or built in Italy

Anyway,6,5 x 65/R cartridges are fairly common here

Correction:there are few rifles imported in Italy and chambered for both the versions of this cartridge ( Krieghoff drillings,Kepplinger and Mauser rifles).
However thiese cartridges are rare and almost unknown here