"Brenneke K W 7x64"

Got these two in a bag of other stuff. That is a mightily expensive projectile on the first one. I assume it mushrooms at several points. Both are crimped but in different ways. What is K W?


This case was made by DWM - look below for the latest list of DWM/IWK date codes:

5,6 & 5,6 R Vom Hofe - General Ammunition Discussion - International Ammunition Association Web Forum (cartridgecollectors.org)

Yours is dated 1968.

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I think the first bullet you show is of the DWM “Starkmantel” type. The front part ahead of the groove is intended to deform (mushroom) and finally disintegrate, transferring kinetic energy to the game. The groove stops deformation and makes sure the rear part of the bullet stays intact and is massive enough to create an exit wound. The latter is considered important for following the game (using a dog, which nearly every German hunter has) in case it is not killed immediately.
The sharp edge on the bullet in front of the groove (Scharfrand) is intended to cut hair from the entry wound (Schnitthaar) which should help the hunter to determine the part of the game body where the bullet actually impacted.