Bringing back ammo from the States


I am going to Disney world Orlando with the family in a few weeks and I wondered if there is any where Florida wise I might be able to get any ammo goodies and how do I go about bringing them back to the UK. I am not sure which airline we will be flying with.



As far as retail stuff, there is Florida gun exchange in Port Orange: and there are a few Bass Pro Shops across the state with one right in Orlando.

You might find some ammo at a gun show in Florida as listed here:

As for getting the ammo back to the UK, unless you have the special license needed on the UK side when you arrive, then you’ll have to pull all the bullets and dump the powder. Falcon can tell you more about that.


Even if inerted you will need to declare them to the TSA at the US airport. They will have to be packed in “original packaging” (which just means a cardboard or plastic ammo box, not necessarily the one your ammo came in) and then packed in a metal box in your checked baggage.You will also need to inform the airline.

At the UK end you will need to declare it to Customs, but if you have an FAC that is not a problem. Even if inert it is worth declaring, as they can be uppity if they find it undeclared!

…and Falcon does not take ammo back. He gets me to do it!!



I meant that he could expound upon the joyous task of bullet pulling for hours with the impact hammer. It’s worth it if it is your only option. You can also ship inert cases back to the UK.


Richard–Are you an IAA member? If so, I suggest you look up Guy Hildebrand. He is a dealer in collectors cartridges and is in Tallahassee, FL. It is about 260 miles north of Orlando. If your not an IAA member, send me an email and I will give you Guy’s email.


I suggest U.S. laws on sale and possession of ammunition by visitors to the United States be checked carefully. There is a general prohibition on purchase and possession of ammunition by non-resident aliens in the USA. Lots of exceptions involving visiting certain types of activities, such as matches, the SLICS, etc., but these require paper work showing that is what is being done. Also, possession of a non-resident hunting license, I believe, exempts one as well. I am a long time retired and away from having to know these laws now, so don’t take what I said as gospel. But I do suggest researching the question, to avoid possible problems.


You would be better off going to one of the ranges and shoot some pistols. Take the opportunity to do in Orlando what you can’t do over here any more.

Having come back from New York last week I can tell you its not wise to take chances with all that security unless you are totally familiar with the regulations like Tony and a few of the others on here. Not for a few bits and pieces. Get it wrong and you will certainly miss your flight and you won’t get a refund. Could be worse than that.


You are right it is not worth it, If anything goes wrong the wife would kill me



If you found an odd item you wanted, you could always try packaging it up and posting it to yourself. As long as it’s obviously inert (bullet pulled from case, or hole drilled in case) with a big message wrapped around each cartridge saying something like “INERT, FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY” then it might get through. I wouldn’t try it with anything valuable, though, as it could easily get confiscated.

But at least, if it doesn’t get through, that won’t affect your flight home!