Bringing cartridge to SLICS 2019 from Argentina

Hello, me and my friends from Argentina are planning our next trip to the SLICS 2019 and we want to bring some ammo with us (lefaucheux full boxes and some other single cartridges).

As we are Non-Inmingrant Aliens we should complete the From 6 NIA/ATF F 5330.3D, but this one is for a TEMPORARY introduccion, is this correct? or there’s another Form we have to fill, because the ATF Form 6 Part I/ATF F 5330.3A wich is the one for the permanent introduction in the instrucctions says that if you are a NIA you are not suppoused to fill that form or you have to be a registered importer.

I am a little confused about this.

Do you know if I have to fill an other Form that I am missing? How do European guys do?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Martin.

Please PM me. I think I can help.


Mago…sos vos ???

This is the new one

2018 Form 6 NIA.pdf (364.7 KB)

Thanks Will, Lew and Harry.