Bringing inert ammo to Germany

Good day, gentlemen

I’m planning to visit Germany to attend IWA expo in Nuremberg. I also plan to meet there several people with intent to trade collectible dummy / inert ammo.

My question is - is it legal to bring inert small arms ammo to Germany in my own luggage?

My stuff will be either disassembled into empty case and bullet, or have cartridge case drilled and emptied.

No HE or Incendiary bullets, but some steel-core AP (such as 9mm 7N30 pistol rounds).

Any advice or warnings?


Dear Mr.Popenker,
I am an exhibitor on the IWA (under the Name DEURUS, means deutsch-Russische HandelsGMBH, you will find it in the directory)
Usually its no problem, to bring DUMMY, or empty cases and separated bullets into Germany. The only official thing is, they have to be under the Customs-value of 100€ (for foreigners bringing goods into Germany from countries).
You can declare them, if you are asked, as a gift. If you write me an email, I will give you my GSM-phone number back, so you can call me from the airport, if their are any trouble and i may can help, to settle that…
I am interested to swap anyway, and I have usually a good selection of ammo on display…even as I am merely interested in AP-things for business, as I do plate testings a.s.o. But from this APs I need allways several 1000 :-))
But as i do still collect ammo, we may find something to swap. Our booth number at IWA is hall 7 booth number 127…
So, if there are more questions, write me a message and than I will write you back my email-adress, which I will not publish here…
Have a save trip…
PP Forensic