Brit Dip


30-06, 303 British, 7.62x39, 9mm Para. Those are just a few of the cartridges in my collection.

Did any of you Brits take the annual dip in the English Channel?



If they did, maybe they were trying to import some illegal cartridges.


No I didn’t!
They do that in other places as well, notably in the Serpentine in London. The water is much colder on an inland lake because the seas around Britain, espescially on the South Coast, are a constant temperature all year round because of the Gulf Stream.They are determined and hardy types who try to swim every day of the year.

Not for me though, I sit indoors and think about cartridges. You know what happens to a brass monkey. And thats ammo related!



I tried it once but found that with all the extra clothing on to keep warm I sank like a stone.

I had a load of FA 41 NM rds in my pocket but I had to throw them out so that I could get back to the surface ;)


Footnote to this thread. The Green family have been for a walk this morning on Hamptead Heath and there are some bathing ponds on the Heath (private and very snooty club) but we saw no activity.


[quote=“RayMeketa”]Did any of you Brits take the annual dip in the English Channel?


There’s a nasty cold wind blowing and nobody could call it mild but there were surfers in the sea at Cromer on the North Norfolk coast this morning. They probably thing we’re mad!

Happy collecting and may the New Year bring you all that you seek.