Britisch .30-06

Found this round.

Never knew England made military .30-06.
Perhaps somebody have more information.


Radway Green made that round. The British Army had the .30 Cal Browning Machine gun issued, known as the L3A4, although it is out of service now, I can remember using it in about 1985.

Ball Mk4Z, Tracer G Mk1z, Armour-Piercing M2, Armour-Piercing-Incendiary M14, .30" High Pressure Proof

Drill/Dummy, Blank and Grenade Blank were also produced.

Thank you Armourer.


Do you remember the headstamps of the ammo? I have only ever seen RG .30-06 from the 1960s.

Do you remember the headstamps of the ammo? I have only ever seen RG .30-06 from the 1960s.[/quote]

Sorry, no idea of the headstamps. I wasn’t interested in ammunition other than that it went bang when I pulled the trigger, back then.

These are the Radway Green 30-06 headstamps of which I am aware
RG 58 30
RG 59 30
RG 60 30
RG 63 30
RG 64 30
RG 65 30
RG 66 30

The last one is very rare as it was an attempt to make 30-06 blanks in circa 1992 and had only been seen (to my knowledge) as a dummy round using a 7.62 Nato bullet in a case without primer or flash-hole. I suspect it was not a genuine factory dummy but someone just stuck a bullet into a draw-piece.

I suspect the AP and API rounds in Armourer’s photograph are Kynoch made items for export as neither of these loadings were official issue for the Browning post war.

For British military use Kynoch made ball, standard, proof, tracer, drill, inspector’s and blank. Rounds made in the fifties seem to have a headstamp in the format “K 56” whilst later sixties manufacture used “K 61 .30” or similar. The only exception was the blank that had the headstamp “K 67 L10A1”.