British 1" flare cartridges before 1887

Is there any info available on British made 1" flare gun cartridges made before 1887?
Any info, images, documents etc. are welcome.
The data is shought for a book project.

There is a file at the National Archives in London which covers the first trials of Very cartridges by the Royal Navy in 1883. It is hand written and very hard to read. File number is ADM 116/222.
The file takes the form of a bound book and is titled “Lieut. Very’s signal Pistol - Reports of trials.”

May I ask the subject matter of your book? I have amassed a large amount of information for a book on British & Commonwealth military signal pistols, certainly enough for more than 100 pages.

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Alan David

Alan, it is not my book project at all as I am just helping a good friend where ever I can.
When you are on the flare gun forum you may know the details already as it is Horst Thielbörger who is working currently on 2 projects.

European cal4/1" pyrotechnic cartridges (his own project) from the very (and Very too) beginning up to today.

Almanach on all flare guns (this is a joint project of several people), this will have only exemplary ammo images for the weapons treated in that work.