British 120MM DS PRACTICE L29A1 projectile

Very fortunate to have just acquired this great Tanker’s Trophy from an overseas seller in the UK for my collection. It is a tank school trophy, “The Silver Sabot Award” made from original, unfired L29A1 sabot petals. Unfortunately, the sub-projectile is fake. I have searched the internet trying to find some photos of this round, specifically its projectile and sub-projectile dart with no luck. I think it may be cone stabilized and not fin stabilized. If anyone has access to photos or has any information about this round, I would be very grateful. Thanks so much.


Just a geographical note – the Lulworth firing range is adjacent to and used by the main Royal Armoured Corps depot at Bovington, Dorset.

John E

Thank you, John! I am grateful any and all information concerning this artifact.


A beauty. Congratulations. It is very difficult to get ordnance out of the UK any more.

Thank you! The seller was really great. So many cool things over there that I am super interested in like the IMI 60MM APFSDS round but none will ship it overseas.

APFSDS — OK, a bit more background info. Trooper Robinson, the winner of the Silver Sabot, was in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, one of the Challenger-armed regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps. As the photos of the trophy suggest, he would have been firing the Challenger 2’s 120mm rifled gun (preferred by the British army to smooth-bore guns as they put great store in the use of HESH ammo as well as AP).

The RAC is composed of the two original Royal Tank Regiments which started the whole Tank thing off in WW1, and also the old Cavalry regiments – the Dragoons, Lancers and Hussars – which pretty quickly swapped their horses for armoured vehicles.

John E

WOW! Thank you so much! I love information like that and am very grateful. Thank you so much, John.


You really need one of these to complete the “set”. :-)

Really nice score, Rick!

That may be harder to find then an inert round :-) I think I remember a photo of you and your son next to this sign somewhere in Europe?


Well, not Europe, exactly, but real close.

In the attic again Rick?


Sorta kinda. A ground floor, stand alone attic.

Anyone have any pics or information on this practice projectile? :-)


Picture of the sabot base :-)