British 15x104 BESA list

Which loadings was 15x104 BESA made in in the UK? Is there few enough headstamps to post a full list? Were they all made by Kynoch. I have seen a few “WZ” AP loadings made by Kynoch, and I think (but can’t say for certain) I have seen a tracer. Is posting a full list practical?

Here are most of them:

Ball Mark Iz

K38 15mmZ
K39 15mmZ
K40 15mmZ
K40 15mm
K41 Z
K42 IZ

Practice Ball P Mark Iz

I have only ever had a loose proj for this load (aluminium cored)

AP W Mark Iz

K39 15mmW.Z.
K40 15mm WZ
K41 WZ
K42 probably exists as well.

AP Tracer WG Mark Iz

K40 15mmWZ with red stripe across case head
K42 WG.IZ (K41 probably also exists)
K2 43 WG IZ

Tracer G MARK iZ

Sealed but no specimens known. Labbett lists experimental K39 ball headstamp with G G overstamp.

Proof Q mark Iz

K40 QI
K41 QI
K42 QI

Dummy U Mark I

K40 15mmWZ (I think, as I do not have my example to hand)

Drill D Mark I

Plain head

Above based on my own examples plus listing in Labbett.


Thanks, I understand that my case with the “K.40 15MM WZ” headstamp is the most common. As I have seen 2-3 for sale. Did Parker-Hale only made dummy rounds? Were these cases without primer and powder fitted with bullets or solid steel / brass dummies? I imagine one would be looking at quite alot of money to put together a collection of all the known headstamps you listed. did the AP rounds have hardened or mild steel cores, and what material were the ball cores made of? (Lead / Steel / Somthing else?)

Ball was mild steel core with lead point filler. Weight 1160 grns
Practice ball was aluminium cored. Weight not known
AP was hardened steel with lead point filler. Weight 1160 grns
AP-T had hardened steel core drilled at rear for tracer element. Lead point filer, weight 1150 grns.
Tracer - as for ball except core drilled for tracer element. Weight 1150 grns
Proof used ball bullet.
Dummy had a solid gilding metal bullet, weight 1150 grns.
Drill had solid gilding metal bullet drilled out to reduce weight.

Parker Hale only made dummy and drill rounds, and only for 15mm Besa and 7.92mm Besa Dummy U Mark II.


Meant to add drawing of 15mm Dummy U mark I


Thanks, I’ll keep a look out for any more of these cases turning up. I regularly browse boot sales, but no luck as yet, mainly only .50 BMG and 20x110 Hispano and Oerlikon that turns up, but also the occasional 7.62 or .303 case, as well as a few 40mm Bofors cases. I have had quite a few small arms rounds in other calibres as well. I got my first 20x110 With solid steel TP projectile at one of those sales for

Tony - you didn’t really mean that Parker-Hale only made 7.92mm & 15mm BESA Drill rounds. They made a couple of million .303 & .30-06 Drill cartridges too.


I have not seen P-H headstamped drill rounds in anything other than those two calibres. I know they made the other calibres but I thought they were either unheadstamped or converted ball rounds.