British 18 Pounder Primer Cover?

The ones I have seen appear to be brass or copper. This appears to be some other grey metal. As you can see it hasn’t rusted. Much of the original paint is still on it too. Is this from WW1? Does anyone know the story behind it and what kind of metal it is?

I cannot see any details on the clip but YES it looks like an 18Pr Shrapnel primer clip/cover.
These have the longer arm painted red on the tip.
Various makers and some still have the canvas straps.

Is it magnetic? Looks like it may be a coated metal

It is not magnetic

It’s heavily oxidized brass that has been
a). Buried in the ground
b). Been in water for a long period of time
c). Been in fire

My 2 cents.


It is black painted brass with a red tip. I have good examples of these clips.

There are a few different cartridges that use a similar clip. What size is it? Also what are the stamps on it? 18 Pr clips are No. 4.