British 2 Pounder Projo What type is this?

Here is a picture of an inert projectile that came atop of a casing marked 2 Pound No1 MK2 1941. the aluminium tip unscrews and the base is open with some threads present. Is this the correct projo for the casing? And is this HE, or Trace or something else?

Thnks Liberty


That looks like a plain vanilla 2 pdr or 40 mm projectile to me. If someone like Tony Williams does not post an answer you might go to his site and look at the photos to see if you can ID it from them.

Without the paint it would be hard to tell what type it is. The aluminum fuze could be an ordinary PDF, the hole in the base is most likely for a tracer.


  • @ Liberty: To me it looks like a 40mm projectile for the 40X311R round for the 40mm Bofors AA gun. Any markings on the rotating band or the aluminum tip??? Liviu 01/12/08

I go with Liviu on that one.

I agree that it looks like a Bofors HE shell.

The 2pdr No.1 was the naval “Pom-pom” round, which fired entirely different shells.

  • @ Liberty: The projectile from your photo is definitely a 40mm projectile for the 40X311R round fired by the 40mm Bofors AA gun. It has an overall length of 178mm [7 1/16-inch] and you can measure yours. See also this very interesting topic here at —> and go to the 3rd photo from top. You’ll see 6 rounds and the 4th round [from left to right] is a 40mm AA Pom-Pom [40X158R] and the next one to the right is a 40mm AA Bofors [40X311R]. Compare the 40mm projectiles and see that you have the projectile for the 40X311R round [40mm Bofors AA]. End of the story! Liviu 01/14/08