British 20mm BMARC Headstamp?

Which British factory used this headstamp for 20x110 ammunition? Was it made for another country, as it has no indication of which factory made it. It says “LOT 2 81 20MM”

Hi Falcon - this 20mm HS case was made by Kynoch for loading by British Manufacturing & Research Co of Grantham, Lincs. Kynoch made 20mm HS cases for BMARCo from 1939 - 198?

Thanks, I’ve had that round for ages, and not known who made it. Were the WW2-era cases headstamped “BMARC” also made by Kynoch? The projectile is a HE type (INERT!) painted black with copper driving band and replica nose fuse. The only markings are the numbers “28 15 14”. Is this a British Projectile? I presume it should be painted yellow if it is HE. Here is a photo of the round from the side.


Hi Falcon - yes Kynoch made the 1939 & 1940 dated cases headstamped BMARCo then shut down 20mm case production at Witton until after WW2. However Kynoch’s satelite factory at Standish (coded K2 in headstamps) continued to supply 20mm HS cases for loading at BMARCo’s loading plant in Grantham. Sorry can’t help with the proj ID - 20mm is outside my field.

I have a 20 mm case stamped as follows “1939 20mmIZ BMARC”. Any ideas as to what sort of applications were using 20 mm canon(?) in 1939 and 1940? I believe that it was too early for aircraft to be fitted with canon, and am curious as to possibilities. Any other background information on BMARC in 1939 woul dbe of interest.

Many thanks


I believe the 20mm Hispano cannons were also used on the ground in the AA role.


20mm Hispano was being actively investigated as an aircraft armament from before the war. The Ordnance Board were considering the various ammunition designs from about 1937 (See OB Memo B 35,762 of Dec 1937).

Hispano Suiza supplied a set of drawings and sample ammunition in December 1937. Although the first cannon armed aircraft (A Hurricane Mark IIC) did not enter service until 1941, the RAF were actively testing the gun and ammunition from about mid 1939.

Falcon - the main use of 20mm anti aircraft guns was with the Oerlikon, although the Hispano was used. The simplified Oerlikon, known as the Polsten, was the main light mobile AA gun used in single and double mounts.