British 20x110 mm Hispano API id and data

So i have started looking into the different non Swedish ammunition found in the Swedish 1948 air force ammunition manual, named “Flygvapnets eldvapenammunition, fastställd 1948”. Currently i’m looking into an armor piercing incendiary shell designated pansarbrandgranat (pbrandgr) m/46. Due to this designation, m/46, it indicates it being adopted along the 20 mm Hispano mk.II which got the designation 20 mm automatkanon (akan) m/46 in Sweden, which in turn makes me think it is of British origin.
It looks like this:

It has a round blunt tip and is painted red with a small white tip. It is constructed like an armor piercing high explosive shell (APHE) with a hardened shell which contains the incendiary load. This is unlike common API-shells which has a hardened steel-core surrounded by the incendiary load.

I wonder if anyone here knows what shell this is (original name of it) and were i can find data on it?

Actually this should be a SAPI I think. It is definately a UK design.
If noone will be faster I shall check on the Labbetts pamphlets or UK manuals if I have them.

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Thank you

Ok, found it in Labbett. Quality is not good but legible.

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Lovely thanks.

And here a page from some document on UK Hispano ammunition but I do not know who compiled it. I assume it to be basing on UK manuals:

Judging from layout, fonts and the drawing style used, it very much looks like a UK manual from around the eighties.

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Jochem, did they use this caliber in the 1980s?

The uk has the hispano mk 5 in storage even today.

I thought of a manual for EOD, describing ammunition that might be encountered. I wanted to express that I thought the information was reliable.

Edit: Blockhaj gave the answer.

What a surprise. Is known what for?

Idk mainly for export purposes but the guns works great and i guess they can be retrofitted to a bunch of armored cars and whatnot in emergency situations. For ex Swedish patria armored cars are armed with hispano mk 5s.

The Patria vehicles are still today armed with the HS gun? Do images exist? And what ammo do they use?

The UK storing the guns is still suprising as they have no ammo then. Means if the guns are needed ammo production has to be set up again.
The only manufacturer currently making this caliber I know of is Serbia. Are others known?

Its designation is Pansarterrängbil 203 (patgb 203) and its armed with a 20 mm turret taken from scrapped pbv 302 ifv’s. The gun is a modified hispano mk 5 called the 20 mm akan m/47D which on the patgb 203 uses 30 round box magazines. Its main combat ammo is the 20 mm spårljusbrandhalvpansargranat (slbrhpgr) m/95 or SAPI-T in english.

(EDIT) Ammo is being produced in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and most likely a lot others. Although the gun is borderline obsolete compared to other 20 mm guns which has existed on the market since the 50’s so it will most likely be replaced by other guns in the early 2020’s.

(EDIT2) The 20 mm m/47D also has a lowered fire rate of 480 rpm due to weights being fitted to the bolt iirc.

Very nice to see a complete turret being recycled!
Given the gun is very light (and available for free) and the alternative weapon most likely being a .50 this solution here is much better. The vehicle should be the “Sisu” right?

Do you have images of the m/95 load?
I did a shot image search in the web and found an image of one firing on what looks like a soccer place. Must have been out in public. I assume blanks do exist as well?

But with who is making this ammunition today we need to be much more precise.
I do not mean those manufacturers who may have offered this caliber in the past 30 years or so. This does not imply at all ammo is being made (or has been in the past 20 years).
So for example Austria is certainly (someone surprise me please!) a country who never made any 20x110. Dutch 20x110 I also never saw.
Sweden and Switzerland sure made them and on Norway it would be great to see images of even older production (do not recall any).

The 203 is the Patria 6x6 wheeled apc. Although its bigger brother the 8x8 called the 360 is armed with an M2HB in an unmanned turret so the 20 mm hispano will soon be removed from service.
Looking at the paint of the shell it is produced outside of Sweden as we have different marking rules. Sweden relies a lot on ammo from Norwegian Raufoss so maybe its made by them?

As for Austrian production i think it started when they adopted the Saab 29F in the 60’s but its possible they produced it earlier for export purposes or maybe they had a few Hispano guns for AA use.

Do photos of the m/95 exist? It appears to be an interesting load then.

As for the Austrians I suspect them to rather have used Swiss or Swedish made ammunition.
As said, Austrain made 20x110 are unknown by now.

I have looked around on facebook and on the internet and i cant find any pictures of the m/95 as its only meant to be used in war time.

Photos of my British SAPI and SAPIR Hispano cartridges.

SAPI is headstamped: ST 43 20MM . The SAPIR is: RG 53 20MM

The hardened nose has RG stamped on the base. Paint is not mint but still good examples.

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Ron, what a great image! I never saw the SAPIR (for all others: it is TP).
Thank you for sharing!

I would say both are in great condition!
Many people ruin such items by repainting them…

@ blockhaj
Here a diagram from that 1975 doc:

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