British 3 pounder shell marking (?)

I am pretty sure I once knew who made this projectile, with what seems to be an L with two over lapped Cs, but it eludes me now. Does anyone know the marking?DSCN0301

DSCN0258 DSCN0267

Kolibri, could you please upload your image directly here or to an image hoster not using watermarks?

sorry, didnt realise we could load straight to the site.

EOC monogram is British by Elswick Ordnance Co. Also made brass shell cases.
A nice projectile. I do not have one with the rounded nose profile.


A note of additional information, EOC was bought out in 1863 and was a subsidiary of Armstrong Whitworth.
Armstrong Whitworth continued to mark items produced at the EOC works with the EOC stamp.