British .303" Mark ll headstamp help

I am aware the “ll” stands for Mark ll and the “C” is for Cordite, but the number one at 12 o’clock stands for the lot number? What British facility made these? I have seen them marked with various numbers at 12 o’clock.


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No quick answer on this one, All rounds were loaded at the Royal Labs at Woolwich but with cases or case materials supplied by commercial manufacturers, this was to aid in identifying any problem rounds after production

The numbers1,2,3,4,5,6 & 8 are known but no record of which number belonged to which supplier but the known suppliers of cases or brass were -

Birmingham Metals
Eley Bro’s
George Kynoch Ltd
Kings Norton metal Co
Lorenz & Co

Cartridges stamped with R Arrow L were cartridges loaded with their own materials, using metal smelted at their own mill and to complicate it further if the headstamp was R arrow L and a number that was cases manufactured at RL but using material supplied by one of the commercial suppliers



ref. Headstamps & Markings on .303 inch British Service Ammunition - A.O.Edwards

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Sorry, I was just about to add that my brain woke up and I finally found the same information scanning the book further. Sometimes I just need to slow down. I missed that information twice scanning the book, along with several others. Mystery solved, unless someone else has a different perspective, as this information is 10+ years old.