British 45 ACP Tracer

I found this page in a Ministry of Munitions file held at the National Archives in London, the file number is MUN 4/3082;

Did this ever happen ?


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This would seem to tie in with a comment in the Admiralty Technical History, published in the early 1920’s, which described miscellaneous pistols and rifles that were purchased from the USA and also from within the UK. It states that 57 Colt .45 pistols were purchased from the trade in August 1916, along with 20 round magazines. The Army & Navy Co-op Stores sales registers list 10 such pistols that were sold to the Admiralty at this time, being part of the 57 presumably.
As the OP says, did these ever get made and also what was the interned purpose of these pistols and their 20 round magazines, bearing on mind front line fighter aircraft at this time were equipped with machine guns.


Alan David