British 7,62x51 Inspection cartridges

At Saturday’s ECRA meeting at Bisley I got these three British Inspection rounds, does anyone have any information on the usage of these, were they for UK Service use or for export?

The primer pocket of the RG 79 one is filled with a dark grey rubber compound, the bullet is strongly magnetic
The K 63 L2A2 one has a very dull chromed finish, the bullet is strongly magnetic and has a knurled ring around the bullet about 3mm above the cannelure
The RG 99 INSP has a blind pocket with the anvil present, there is no apparent neck crimp.Many thanks in advance.



Discussed by Tony Edwards’ here: … rill-dummy , “Shortly after the 7.62mm round had been adopted in 1953 there arose a need for an inspection round for factory use…”

Nice rounds, thanks for posting.


My notes indicate that the middle one with the dull finish was manufactured by Kynoch for foreign clients.


The third round is a ‘7.62mm Bisley Inspection’ This was a high specification inspection round produced for the National Rifle Association to confirm that rifle chambers meet the requirements to fire L42A1 match ammunition.

The compund in the primer pocket of the first round is most likely bee’s wax. This was made available to armourers as a means to visibly check the weapon’s firing pin strike.