British 9x19, early WW2


A simple questions: where British Army (and Navy) got their 9x19 ammo when it decided to introduce Lanchester and Sten machine carbines into general service?
was it using imported ammo or domestically made ammo? who made it?


Tony Edwards and Lew Curtis: … parabellum … ellum-ball … ght=9x19mm

A simple question but a fairly complicated answer, Max.

The majority of the early 9mm was ordered from Winchester, as was proof ammunition for the Lanchesters. Limited amounts were also obtained from Remington.

There was also 30 million rounds purchased from Bolivia,

In the UK pilot production took place at Royal Laboratory in 1941 but series production started at ROF Blackpole (BE) in about October 1941 followed by ROF Hirwaun (HN) and Crompton Parkinson (CP) in early 1942.

Lots of details on my website here: … ellum-ball


Tony, Still have not found any info on a Remington Sale in this time frame nor a Reminton box from this period that is not normal commercial. Do you have any idea of the quantities purchased?

Glad to see the confirmation on the purchase from Bolivia. Will dig out my notes and ask a subsequent question on this ammo.


thank you, gentlemen!