British/Australian pheon mark help needed

Would anyone know the meaning of “DѦK” on a military item? It is ammo related, even though the item itself is not ammo. I post it here because of a large amount of collective knowledge present.

Maybe less British than Commonwealth?

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I wonder if it may be Dum Dum Kulkutta?

Vlad, to do some ID we really need to know what item the markings are applied to.


It is a 1" British No1 Mk111* flare pistol. I don’t know if I am allowed to post pictures here.

This info is sufficient, I will as a friend who is a specialist in all this.

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Ok, this is the Australian military property mark the expert on flare guns Horst Thielbörger has just told me.

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Many thanks.

на здоровье

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I have one of these and until your post had never taken any notice of the DArrowK…Thanks!!

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