British Contract for 9mmP-Early WWII


I just ran across a document from early in WWII which mentions Remington 9mm Para ammunition bought by the British. It also mentions British use of 9mm Mauser pistol ammunition. I have never heard of a British contract for 9mm P with Remington. Can anyone shed some light on this? Copies of the documents are posted on my website at

Any help appreciated!




Norman from the BOCN has bracketted the date of this document.

[quote]Issue No 4 was printed in September 1940.
Issue No 6 - January 1941 (a special on demolitions)

BUT it is very difficult determine from the ‘imprint’ (printers mark) whether or not it is a first production run.

A reprint of No 5 for a 100 was done in April 1942.

This implies late 1940 which is the same time that the British were beginning to purchase Winchester 9mmP. Perhaps the reference to Remington is a mistake.




Lew, very interesting. Especially the 9mm Mauser reference. Mauser pistols chambered for this calibre are very, very rare indeed. Also the direct reference to the Parabellum pistol is quite interesting.

I wonder if and where they got them in 1940… A possible source is the Dutch navy and army personnel that fled to the UK in 1940… Although they didn’t use (as far as I’m aware of) the Mauser in 9mm Mauser export, or any machineguns based on it (as the Austrians did). I doubt that they would ‘pre-order’ ammunition for the event that they captured German equipment and if the ammunition was intended for the Sten they would have explicitly referenced it instead.


What about the lanchester submachine gun? It may be for this?


No, the Lanchester was chambered for the normal 9 x 19mm Parabellum cartridge.

Vlim - I think rather than pistols, the 9mm Mauser rounds were probably used in a sub-machine gun. Records show that some testing was carried out by the British on Solothurn and Neuhuesen SMGs in 9mm Mauser calibre.

I am going to try and track down some more information next time I am at the Pattern Room library.