British Contract Remington .455 Webley Mark II

Here is a Remington .455 Mark II white box with green inscriptions that I believe that was ordered by the British Purchasing Commission. The box code is not visible but I think it may date from 1940.

TonyE wrote a great article titled “U.S. Ammunition Supplied to Great Britain 1939-1941” that was published in IAA bulletin 485. Does anyone have more information about Remington contracts in this caliber?

Hi Fede
Sorry I can’t help with the contracts. but this box is dated on the back "15JULY1943"
The code below the date is unreadable by me.
The rounds have a “REM-UMC 455 II” headstamp, a flat copper primer , a brass case with a knurled cannelure and a typical lead bullet.
Box is a cream color, however I took it in the shade so here it has a blueish color cast.

PS edited to add I notice a thumb-cut on different ends of these two boxes.

Fede & Pete,

Great boxes. Many thanks! A few years back Tony Edwards and I discussed information he found in his records indicating that Remington and the British Government were discussing the purchase of 9mm Parabellum ammunition. In the article mentioned by Fede he shows 9mm Parabellum as part of the contract in 1941. This 1941 buy, if actually delivered could be in ordinary commercial boxes, and for a quantity of only 15,000 rounds this is likely, but it is also possible the contract could have specified a box similar to the one above.

Has anyone seen a Green and off-white Remington 9mm Box???

The 1941 contract also included orders for 32 Auto, 32 S&W, 32 Short, 38 Auto, 38 S&W, 38 Colt, 45 Colt, 30 Mauser and 450 Revolver. Have any of these calibers been seen in this Green & White style box?

Tony illustrates a 45 Auto Green & White box, but there is no image of the back and no mention of a date. Perhaps this box was not adopted until after the 1941 order.


I have this box, which is unfortunately empty and without any codes anywhere on it, inside or outside. Same side / ends layout & design as the .455 box & this is pretty close to correct color.

Edited to add: Both ends also have the “PROOF CARTRIDGES” stamp, but on one end part of the stamp shows on one of the the inside end flap, so it must have been put on when the box was still flat.

Sorry Lew no 9mm box.
PS great War One CWS 9mm, I don’t have one so must be someone else in AZ?

Pete, great boxes, thank you very much for sharing. Do you think that it is possible that the date of the .455 box is “15 JUL 1940”? I can hardly read it on my screen.



Fede, it’s very hard to see on the box it’s self. I used a glass to be sure as when I first looked at it I thought it was a 2. but soon got out the glass to be sure. It’s 43.

Here is another. The code on the back maybe of use but the rounds are not so much. “REM-UMC 45 ACP”, flat copper primer, black or dark brownish-black annulus, brass case with knurled seating cannelure and GM-jacketed bullet.

The tray is packed somewhat unusually in that it’s rows of 5, head up, rows of 5, bullet up & so forth. Not the normal head/tail/head per row. The box is full and rounds appear original to the box.

With a glass the code is “Y 06 L”

Y06L is May 1940!!!