British Headstamp ID wanted


Headstamp 1 WWG 310 CK, ICI on primer
My guess is WW GREENER, 310 CATTLE KILLER, made by KYNOCH
is the correct??.

Headstamp 2 RIGBY 350 MAGNUM NITRO, is this made by Kynoch??

Headstamp 3 No 3 GIBBS TRADMARK [with possibly gz in heart shaped shield] who made it??

Headstamp 4 WR 318 [Westly Richards ] who made it ??

Proprietry Headstamps made under contract for them by who??


AS far as I know, all the cartridges you listed were made by Kynoch. The “gz in heart shaped shield” is actually a “g 2” for Gibbs #2.


Hi Terry - 1. Yes WWG = W.W.Greener & CK = Cattle Killer. 2. Need to see pic of hst - could be Eley - might be KNMCo - or most likely Kynoch need to see. 3. Who made the Gibbs with registered Trade Mark hst?? Wish I knew! 4. As far as I know Kynoch was the only manufacturer of WR .318 ammo - but I recently found a BMMCo drawing listed - but was unfortunately unable to locate the drawing - now that would be interesting to find!! Regards JP-C.


Here is a 1912 Kynoch drawing showing your WR headstamp, so you know that it was in use at least as long ago as that.



Thank you, I have a few RIGBY, Westly Richards, Gibbs headstamps,
and was using those examples as a litmus test to solve all.
Thanks Terry.