British Home Guard 30-06 dummy exercise cartridges

Found at last Saturdays ECRA meeting at Bisley was this 30-06 dummy cartridge. It has a struck primer, the h/s is ‘FA 30’. The case has three long flutes extending to the shoulder whilst the bullet is firmly soldered into the neck

Does anyone know for whom this was made and when?

Happy collecting, Peter

I have a couple of very similar rounds Peter. One has a straight-sided wooden bullet stained red and the other has a bullet that appears to have been turned from steel rod. Apart from the variation in bullets the cases and grooves are exactly the same. I understand that they were made up for the UK’s Home Guard but by whom I have no idea.


The more common Home Guard .300" drill rounds are the D Mark 2, with a long, red stained, wood bullet extending to the base of the case and the D Mark 4 which has a .303" envelope covering the “bullet”. Both rounds have four small holes through the case through which the red wood can be seen. Are you sure that; “the other has a bullet that appears to have been turned from steel rod” or could it be a bullet jacket over wood?


i’ve had a closer look at my rounds, which perhaps I should have done in the first place!, and have found a couple with case grooves similar in form to Peter’s round.

The first is the round with the unusually shaped red wood bullet;

The second is the round with the ‘turned’ bullet. Judging by the weight of the round the bullet is indeed one piece of metal which runs the length of the round. I know this isn’t very scientific but I’m right in the middle of packing up my house to move - i can’t weigh anything, I can’t even find a magnet to tell you whether the round is magnetic.

I’ve included the third round just out of curiosity because it is so crudely made. This is also made with one piece of steel running the length of the round and the copper circle visible at the neck is a large copper rivet which passes right through to secure the ‘bullet’ to the case.

These Home Guard cartridges come in a great variety of types, I’d just never seen a fluted one before.

I’ve had a rummage through my box of dummies and have come up with these, I hope they might be of some interest. If anyone has other, different ones, it’d be super to see them.

One piece red plastic ‘bullet’ in a fired case, h/s ‘FA 32’

Unstained wood rod, retained with 2 dot crimps, with bullet shaped end in a fired case, h/s ‘FA 31.’

Red stained wood rod with bullet shaped end in a fired case, h/s ‘FA 29’

Chromed, fired case with 4 holes with bullet supported on wood rod, h/s ‘FA 33’

Red stained wood rod with bullet shaped end in a fired case with 4 small holes, h/s ‘FA 36’

Brass fired case with 4 holes, 303" bullet supported on green stained wood rod. h/s ‘FA 42’

Chromed fired case with 4 holes, bullet supported on wood rod, h/s "RA 1941 300Z’

One piece turned brass with a rough surface finish, base counterbored approx 2", no h/s

Happy collecting, Peter

just to fill in the history for background for those who do not know the story. The British in about 1939-40 bought a huge number of 1917 Enfields in .30-06 from the US to arm the home guard.

Rooting about at the bottom of the box they’re kept in has turned up these variations on the theme.

3 long, deep flutes, struck primer, case with an odd cast alloy bullet, h/s ‘FA 30’

3 short flutes, empty pocket, turned brass bullet heavily crimped into case. h/s ‘FA 29’

Ordinary brass case, empty pocket. h/s ‘FA 30’

I suppose there are many others.

Happy collecting, Peter