British L14A2 APDS AFV 30mm - (Sectioned)

I was very fortunate to acquire a mint condition, L14A2 British APDS round for one of their AFV’s. Being very careful and using allot of caution, I sectioned it. I am thinking about sectioning the base of the projectile and case neck? The black in the threads of the sabot base is the remnants of the strongest glue I have ever seen in my life. Still working on cleaning that up :-)


Good work jason!!
looks great…

today( Sunday ) on our Dutch show
I saw a couple of nice items and again I thought APFSDS !!!

for you and all who love it !!


tank items

small caliber ??

and 40L70

Your the best 4 thinking of me Gyro! I would buy everyone of those sweet tank fired APFSDS projectile if I was their! Holy Cow those rock. The 40 is also awesome. I have seen one of those in Tony William’s awesome collection.