British Mark II .303 charger

This actually contained a mix of .303 Brits. Weird looking, who made this?

i should really leave this to Peter or Gravelbelly, but here is a quick answer.

It is a British Mark II charger, so not weird at all. Attached are pictures (l. to r.) of the Mark I to IV .303 inch chargers.

Approval dates were:

Mark I List of Changes Paragraph 11753 16 Jan 1903
Mark II List of Changes Paragraph 13465 24 April 1906
Mark III List of Changes Paragraph 18973 15 Feb 1916
Mark IV List of Changes Paragraph 19786 30 Oct 1917

It is too corroded to tell who made it from the picture, but it should have a makers code stamped on it somewhere.


To add a little more detail, it is actually the second model/variation of the Mark II charger. Both the Mark I and the earlier Mark II had the extra “pip” on the sidewall, visible in Tony’s photos, this was discontinued later. The purpose of the extra pip is a mystery, it serves no known purpose except to complicate manufacture.