British NRA parts company with RG

Announced in the British NRA journal Spring 2009 just out. Ammunition for competitions held at Bisley by the NRA in 2009 will be supplied by RUAG (Swiss).
The round will be specially loaded using RWS cases and a Sierra 155grn Match King bullet. They will be loaded at the Nuremburg factory in Germany.

This ends a long relationship with RG who had supplied Green Spot ammunition to the NRA for decades but has been the subject of growing criticism over recent years. RG officially are unable to supply this year but everyone knows that is just a face saver.

As soon as I have details of headstamps and packaging I will post details.

Another departure for the NRA, they say they want the cases back for contract reloading. So we may soon see a “practice” version around in 2010 as well. Again, how they identify it will be interesting.

Initial prices for the round are good for a target load 73p (=$1.10)

The NRA still holds about 200,000 rounds of RG which will be run down in the normal way. After that it will be finished.


I suspect that part of the reason is RG’s heavy commitment to supplying ammo for Afghanistan for both 5.56 and 7.62mm.

What happened to the days of yore when the War Office was happy to supply free or subsidised ammunition to target shooters?


It wasn’t just the war office. When I went to work for Kodak in 1976 the first day I was there I joined their rifle Club. It was in a purpose built range paid for by the company and the ammunition was heavily subsidised by the company. Many years before, the company had provided the ammunition free. Its hard to imagine these days.

The situation with RG ammunition at Bisley reached breaking point last year with all sorts of problems at the Imperial Meeting. Really this move is long overdue.

Part of the reason I posted this information is because shooters come from all over the world to compete in the Imperial meeting in July. Hopefully, this means that by August samples will have travelled back to all corners of the world for collectors.

I am hoping for a unique headstamp, its quite possible because its a hybrid load and the quantities are large enough to justify it.


Well, at least the RUAG ammo should be better quality that the last time the NRA tied to source ammo elsewhere. We all remember the Portuguese stuff!