British QF 4.7-inch headstamp help needed

I’m having trouble deciphering the headstamp markings on a QF 4.7” shell case. Can anyone help?

Now, the markings I do understand indicate, I believe, that the case was made in 1899, had cordite for propellant, and was refilled and annealed once. The broad arrow over the letter N shows that it was naval, but what does the number 20 below that indicate? Refill date? If so, I’d be surprised as I thought these guns were out of service by then. The other markings are a mystery to me!


The number identifies the examiner who accepted the article.
The 99 is the year of manufacture, the full date is the date of acceptance. However, on later cases on which only the full date appears, it would seem the date denotes date of manufacture.

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I also have dates :
2-2-05 all with extended primers-some with and some without mouth cut-outs ?
I think the 120x404R was made through till after WW1 .

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Thank you, gentlemen, for your kind replies!

Here’s another photo of the case - as you can see, it has mouth cut-outs.