British Rules of Proof 1925

I send this document to a friend and he lost it.
Is somebody has it I would be interested to have scans
Thanks in advance


Is this the one you are looking?

yes !

What pages do you want?

I would say : all the pages.

If not possible : all the boards

OK, It will have to wait till I get a bit more time then. It is not in the best of condition and will take a bit of care so as not to pull it apart. Since the last major up-date to Windows 10, my book scanner will not work properly, the software/drivers are not compatible, which is a right pig…
So everything has to be done page by page carefully in the multi purpose one.

thank you very much

I have been looking for a copy of the Rule of Proof 1925 for a bit now, this version seems to be a harder to come across than either the 1916 or 1954 rules in any form. To date I have had to get by with the information contained in Goddard’s series of articles “Proof Test and Proof Marks”. I would be most appreciative if I could obtain a copy of the Rule of Proof 1925. And if you have any interest, my copy of Goddard’s “Proof Test and Proof Marks” is a reasonably high quality first generation scan, it is better than the reprints I have seen for sale, particularly if you want to actually read what is in the Scales and Tables, about 5MB PDF.
Regards H.