British Shotshells Loaded in Mexico


Does anyone have information and pictures of ICI Eley-Kynoch shotshells and boxes loaded in Mexico?

Eley-Kynoch signs with export logo

Hi Fede,

Sorry, I have no such pictures.
And I had never heard of ICI Eley-Kynoch being loaded in Mexico.
Would be very interesting to see such items though.

regards rené


Hi Fede,

Same here, I know of no ICI Eley-Kynoch cartridges loaded in Mexico, I would also be interested if any turn up.



Nothing here either.

What made you think they might have?


Thank you all for your answers. Below you can see an example in 20 gauge.


Interesting, nice one Fede, new one to me, definitely says; cases empty with primers made in England, loaded in Mexico. Even my bad Spanish can understand that.

That is a good find.


Very interesting.

I have a red paper 12 bore with the same logo (but smaller) and topwad, color and wording (but #6 shot).

No idea where the 12 came from, but my understanding is that this logo was used only on export shells.


Apparently I should have looked a little further.
Can’t quite make out the headstamps in your photo Fede, does my 20 bore match?


Pete, thanks a lot for the great pictures. The headstamp and topwad are identical.


This is what is so nice about box labels.




Not sure if this is relevant or not, while tidying out some old cartridges and boxes I came across this box, what caught my eye is that it has the same style of Eley-Kynoch logo printed on the box. I looked at all the other boxes that I have from that era in the ones I was sorting out and none have that style of logo.

But they are clearly marked as made in Great Britain. I need to have a look through what other Eley-Kynoch boxes I have and see if there are any more.

What is puzzling is that I can not recall having seen that “design” used on a cartridge before this post!



Mike, thank you very much for looking. I also checked some boxes I found this Eley Kynoch logo on the back of German language Eley Alphamax boxes made in the late 60’s for Albrecht Kind (Akah).




Another example of this logo shown in the back of a .22 Long Rifle “Rifle Club” box by IMI (Kynoch) Ltd.


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