British sporting rounds maker ID

I have the cases of 4 British sporting rounds, all with proprietary headstamps. Who actually made them? Any info would be helpful.

  1. .244 H&H Belted Magnum headstamped “Holland & Holland o .244 o”. Circles are actually pentagons. Boxer primed

  2. .300 H&H Flanged Magnum headstamped “Holland & Holland o 300 FL o”. Circles are actually pentagons. Boxer primed

  3. .240 Holland & Holland Belted Magnum headstamped “HOLLAND .240”. Berdan primed. Lettering style looks Kynoch to me. Am I correct?

  4. .425 Westley Richards headstamped “WR .425”. Berdan primed

The pentagons are by W(olfgang?) Romey a German ammo maker, and are relatively new.
Your 3) ? sounds Kynoch but no photo so… There is A Swedish .240 variation but hs is H&H over .240
The 4), again probably Kynoch
hope this is of help

Thanks Pete, it is Wolfgang Romey, I have seen some Wolfgang Romey boxes, which made me think that is what the “WR” Could stand for on the .465 H&H Belted mag I have with the pentagons. Do you have an address for Wolfgang Romey?

I think the .240 H&H is almost cetrainly Kynoch, but I’m not sure about the .425 Westley Richards.

Sorry Falcon
no address for W.Romey. I have a few empty boxes that his stuff came in but all have a Westley Richards overlabel. Perhaps you could ring-up Simon Clode(think I have the spelling of his name right, but perhaps not) He’s managing director of Westley’s.

I could try contacting Westley Richards but I think they would be a bit iffy about giving out information like that to a member of the public, especially in the anti-gun climate I live in. Is it easily possible to contact the managing director directly?

No idea, call em up, & ask.

I will try, but I’m sure they will make it awkward (or the secretary who answers the phone will not know what I’m on about or simply won’t be bothered as there is no possibility of making any money). Still, I will try.

The address for Wolfgang Romey:

WR Munition / DWM Munition
Lindenauer Stra

Thanks, that is what I was looking for.