British(?) Trademark Owner Sought

I am trying to identify the owner of this trademark.

It appears on a cartridge box made by SFM between 1895 and 1915, probably for a British customer. The trademark would have been added to the box at the request of the customer. There is no other information on the box except the caliber, and the contents are not known.

The British “Trade Marks Journal” (the official record of registered British trade marks) would be the ideal source but I cannot locate a copy of the Trade Marks Journal for 1915 in Canada. There is a copy at the British Library in London but it’s a long drive at this time of year! Once a trademark has expired, it is removed from the register so a later copy of the Trade Marks Journal is unlikely to reveal the owner. The British Library has yet to “digitize” the Trade Marks Journal going back that far so it is not available online.

Has anyone seen this exact trademark on other cartridge boxes that might help reveal the company/individual that registered it?

Chris P.