British "Treatise on Ammunition"

I am looking for someone who has a copy of the British “Treatise on Ammunition” dated between 1869 and 1876 (inclusive).

I have access to the editions of 1877, 1878, 1881, 1887 and 1892 but am specifically looking for an edition between 1869 and 1876.

I seek ORIGNAL source documents containing the specifications of the Adams Mark I cartridge. I already have the information from the British LoCs and Capt. Orde Browne’s 1870 manual on Boxer ammunition.

The Adams Mark I cartridge specifications evolved significantly in the 10+ years it was in service and none of the currently available reference works is correct (each reflecting a specification at a particular point in time). Thus the search for ORIGINAL (i.e.: contemporary) source documents.

British Library?


The December, 1877 Treatise on Ammunition by J.P. Cundill, was the second edition. The first edition was published in July 1874 by W.R. Barlow, Major, RA, Captain-Instructor, Royal Labratory.

Prior to that date, there would have been Cadet’s notes and Officer-Instructor’s notes.

Changes in War Stores were published monthly, through the R.A. Institution.

Extracts from the Proceedings of the Department of the Director of Artillery were referenced and are another source. They were published quaterly and were obtained through the R.A. institution.

As you mention, Majendie and Browne’s book on Boxer ammunition is another source.

Other than the above, there probably are not to many other original source documents of the period.

Give me a few days to dig out the Proceedings of the Department of the D of Art. You can photo copy the ones that interest you. Just kidding unfortunately. I wish…

On another note; Does anyone know of any other Treatises on Ammunition during this period other than the following?

1874 First Edition
1877 Second Edition
1878 Third Edition
1881 ? Edition
1887 ? Edition
1892 ? Edition



High ,

I have

1870 Part II Ammo for rifled ordnance
1887 4th edition
1897 6th edition ( January 1897)
1905 ?
1915 10th edition

Treatises on Ammunition:

1874 1st Edition
1877 2nd Edition
1878 Revised Second Edition
1881 ?
1884 Small Arms and Ammunition
1887 4th Edition
1892 ?
1897 6th Edition
1902 ?
1908 ?
1911 ?
1915 10th Edition

The reason there is a question mark after most of the years is due to the fact that I don’t have an original in my hands to check the Frontice or Forward for the Edition number. My 1892 is rebound and missing the front pages.

There were earlier volumes from the late 1860’s that titled “Ammunition, A Treatice’ as opposed to 'A Treatise on Ammunition”. Does anyone have a complete listing of these?

I hope someone besides me, finds this of interest.

Will (powdertin)