British ZB53

Following the thread of finding fired cases, I thought this might be of interest.

After Britain had adopted the modified Czech Zb26 as the Bren gun in the mid 1930s, it was decided to test the Zb53 with a view to converting it to .303" as a possible replacement for the Vickers in the MMG role. With war approaching it was decided this would be unwise and so the Zb53 was adopted virtually unchanged in its original 7.92mm calibre as the BESA tank machine gun. The records show that the ammunition used in the tests was Czech made 7.92 headstamped “19/Z/36/XI/”

Back in the 1980s I was shooting on one of the test ranges at the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield and picked up a very dirty fired 7.92 case that was half buried… and there it was, exactly the right headstamp from the trials, complete with the classic oval firing pin strike.



A very neat piece of history :-)

WOW! Great find!



Very interesting. Do you know or can you tell from the empty case if they used the Vz.34 (heavy ball) loading in the tests? Its hard to tell from the photo if there is a green annulus or not.

Phil et al - The round of this date in my collection is a type s.S. ball with a very weak greeh seal, just barely perceptible. What makes it interesting is that in the dates all around it I have only type S ball, except for that one.

I noticed that. I have a gap between 19/Z/36/IX/ and 19/Z/37/1/ both of which are VZ.23 (S Ball) and it didn