Broken Case Extractors

I have two extractors that seem to be for the .50 BMG .
Base and rim are the same diameters and the flange is 14.1mm diameter.
Long one is 133.5mm long and has the hole and a flat base.
The short one is 111.0mm long. Are they both for the 12.7x99? Country?

Could the short one be for 12,7x76 (.50 Spotter)?
If not, then it seems logical the shorter would be for 12,7x99 and the longer for 12,7x108.


I say you are correct and it is for .50 Spotter and .50 BMG.
I forgot about the Spotter when I asked the question but they are still nice items.
The rims are both 20.3mm so fits the .50 cal. 12.7x108 is 21.7mm rim .