Broomhandle ammo

I want to shoot my broomhandle , what ammo is safe to use and where can I buy it.

Both Prvi Partizan and Fiocchi make new 7.63 Mauser ammo, and at most gunshows you can find older production from a few different US manufacturers.

I agree with jonnyc, and I prefer the Fiocci, but PPU/Prvi Partizan is also good quality ammunition.
You will also see Winchester produced .30 Mauser ammunition [in their white box], but it is considerably more expensive.

Just be certain to keep any 7.62 Tokarev/Russian, and anything that is questionably marked, well away from your C96 Broomhandle.
We have seen more than one damaged- and a couple destroyed- by using 7.62 ammunition. It only taks a few rounds…

While I have some disagreement with the above, I will agree concerning the Winchester mfg. Modern Winchester Tokarev ammo is actually made by S&B, and is some of the HOTTEST 7.62x25 ammunition on the marker. I won’t use it in any of my TTs, let alone an old C96.

New Fiocchi performs well. I shot some with my C 96 almost 25 years ago and that was it. The gun, pre- WWI, is retired, the barrel is completely worn out. Before shooting the gun however, I inspected thoroughly its boltstop. I advise you should do the same.

Yes, before shooting any Broomhandle Mauser, replace the springs and boltstop.
New spring sets are available from Wolf Gun Springs, and new reproduction boltstops are available from the online gun part sites.
Both are available, and fairly cheap.

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Why? What is the disagreement?
Tokarev ammo is quite a but hotter than Mauser ammo, and all of the damaged and destroyed [by which I mean more then a few parts damaged and need to be replaced, if not making the firearm unsafe to shoot] were done so with Tokarev/PPSh ammo.

Working from memory: Two had hammers cracked with one nearly nearly sheared off, one with a hammer broke completely off, three with cracked bolts, one with a frame ddeformed enough that it could not be cycled.
I am certain there were other damaged parts, but, again, this is from memory.

Tokarev and Tokarev is not the same.
Soviet sources give 440 m/s as muzzle velocity from the TT pistol, while the German 7.63 Mauser was listed as 437 m/s. The Soviet ammunition is not really hotter.
Czech Tokarev ammunition, on the other hand, has been chronographed at 561 m/s from a vz 52 pistol by the Ulm proof house.

Problem being, how is the firearm owner who is not an expert in cartridges to know the diference?
I have seen ammo at gun shows, and in gun stores, listed as “.30 Mauser/.30 Tokarev”, which was obviouly [to me] WWII or later CommBlock made ammmo.

I also found- and fired- some Czeck SMG rated ammo out of my CZ52, and I woud hate to see a Broomhandle that was fired with that stuff.

Having viewed a number of heated discussions about Tokarev vs. Mauser ammo in various forum discussions, I can conclude only that the ammunition power level depends upon who makes it, no matter what it’s called. If I had a Mauser Broomhandle (I don’t) and wanted to shoot it, I would load my own ammunition, starting low and gradually working up to a load just powerful enough to ensure reliable functioning. That is about the only way to be sure you don’t damage the gun.

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