Broqua & Schollberg

Hello everybody,
I just got me an old shotshell with Broqua & Scholberg written on the case.
Also one with Martiquez

Can anybody tell me something about these names?
How old can these shells be?

Any help would be very helpfull.
Regards rené

René, the one on the left was made for Broqua & Scholberg, a famous gun store and importer located in Montevideo, Uruguay. The “Sol” (Sun) trademark symbolizes the “Sol de Mayo”, an Incaic representation of the god of the sun Inti and used in the national flag of Uruguay. It was registered in Belgium in November 1906 (the company adress between 1880 and 1908 was “Sarandí 250” and between 1909 and 1930 was “Sarandí 667/671”).

I’m still searching for some solid documentation about the one on the right, but I think that it could be somewhat related to Argentina because I’ve found some of these shells here. Also, I’ve seen several Belgian shotguns in various calibers (including 9 mm Flobert) marqued “Martiquez”. One of these is dated 1909.

Hello Fede,
Many thanks for your reply!
Am I thinking right to say that Scholberg was a German immigrant?

Regards rené

Hello René, the Scholberg family was from Liége, Belgium.

Thank you for your help.
Regards rené