Browning aircraft ammo cans

Would anyone know the weight (empty or filled) of the 100-round (.30-calibre) and 40-round (.50-calibre) cans used in early aircraft installations of the flexible Browning guns? Many thanks!



Hi Hans, I can not help with providing the answer to the weight of these ammo cans, but if interested, I posted a few pics of them in another thread. I think the thread was titled, “Aircraft Ammunition”, but am not 100% because I have not visited it recently. My Grandfather serviced all the WW2 US War-birds and left all of his repair and maintenance manuals to me. I posted allot of scans from these manuals and allot of them had Browning .50’s. I tried scanning ammunition related pics showing the ammo, guns, and feed systems. Some showed the ammo cans. You probably have seen gobs of pictures already so this may not be of interest to you? Just in case, I figured I would let you know. Hope it is helpful. I will try going back to the manuals to see if they make mention of ammo can weight in the text portion of the book.