Browning Cartridges

Did Browning make there own metallic cartridges or did they job them out? and if so what maker was responsible? What where the general dates of manufactor?
Thanks Vic

Cartridges made on behalf of the Brownbing Arms Co, Ogden, Utah, were mostly made by Winchester/Olin ( at least the ones sold in Australia, came thru the Winchester facility here (Loaded in USA)).

The Usage spreadsa from .22 Rimfire right thru the major Pistol calibres ( .38 Special and .357 are the most common) and also some of the major US Rifle calibres.

The Link was due to the fact that at one time, FN (Herstal) owned the Winchester Rifle section, and also the connecction between “Browning-Utah” and FN in Belgium.
The interconnections are murky to say the least, mostly at a level of Stock-holding and corporate control.
“Winchester” of course is still an ammunition Trademark of Olin Industries( Western Cartridge Company) whilst the Rifle maker ( US Repeating Rifle Co) had a licence from Olin to continue using the TM “Winchester” on its rifles. The USRRC was a subsidiary of FNH, but a couple of year ago, stopped all manufacture of “Winchester” Rifles. The Licence is still open, in case some company wants to take up manufacture again…

Browning, of Utah, of course was the American expression of Gunmaking and Distribution by the Browning descendants, selling FN-made rifles and shotguns etc. in the USA. It thought to enlarge its customer base by adding ammunition with its own headstamp to its range…hence the “Browning” marked ammo. This feature has been around for at least thirty or forty years, as far as I know. Browning itself never made any ammo in the USA.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

I can only comment on .30-06 rounds:-

Those headstamped BROWNING 30-06 (“Browning” at 12 o’clock and with a flat-top “3” and no decimal point were made by Amron.

Those headstamped BROWNING .30-06 (“Browning” at 12 o’clock and with a round-top “3” and decimal point were made by Hirtenberger of Austria.

Those headstamped BROWNING .30-06 ("Browning at 12 o’clock and with a round-top “3” with decimal point and “NP” on primer were from Norma, Sweden.

Those headstamped 30-06 SPRG BROWNING (“Browning” at 6 o’clock) were made by Winchester-Western.

The Amron and W-W rounds were marketed by the Browning Arms Company of the US and the other two were marketed in Browning boxes by FN of Belgium. According to my notes, Browning of the US marketed ammunition from 1971-1974 at which point they decided to get out of the ammunition business.

Chris P.

Can this great data be expanded to other rounds? I have a fair number of calibers with Browning in the 12 or 6 O’Clock position. Vic

On at least auto pistol rounds it works. The only rounds USUALLY seen in auto pistol calibers in the U.S. were made by Amron and Winchester, and they follow the pattern Chris discribed.

Vic–As far as I know, what Chris P. outlined for .30-06 applies to all the calibers made by each of the companies for Browning. However, be aware that each of companies may not have made all the calibers that Browning sold.

Also, Browning sold a line of ammunition in Europe. They also sold a line of shotshells in both the U.S. and in Europe.

Here are some catalog scans: (Click on the image to enlarge it for easier reading)

From 1971 Browning-US

From Browning-Europe (Catalog in French) Note the Metric calibers not listed in the U.S. Catalog. I’m not sure who made the European cartridges but I think it is probably a combination of Norma and FN.

Great catalog pictures Ron !

Have you a date on that European “Browning” catalog ?

WBD–OOPS!! I thought I included the date in my other post but I see I did not. It is a 1980 catalog.

Cheers Ron. I have yet to see Browning hs images of 7x57, 7x64, 7x65R. I have images of the rest of the European. I also have a:

“BROWNING 8x60RS” not shown in that list and supposedly there is also a
"BROWNING 8x60R" both of which are shown in a 1986 FN catalog.

Does nayone have headstamp images for the European Browning production (Norma and Hirtenberg) auto pistol cartridges? If so, would they please post them.

Thank you.

Vic–According to Chris Punnett in “.30-06” the cartridges (at least the .30-06) for Browning in Belgium, were made by Norma of Sweden and Hirterberger of Austria. They both used “BROWNING” at 12 O’clock, with Norma using primers with “NP” on them. He says there are slight differences in the lettering, also.