Brugger & Thomet 9x19mm ammunition

I want to show these 9x19 boxes.
Ammunition is made by Fiocchi Munizione SpA, Lecco Italy.
Headstamp is standard Fiocchi “G.F.L. 9mmLuger”, “G.F.L. 9mmx19”

Thanks for the photos. I have the Action Training box and the headstamp was new to me. I had not seen the GFL 9mmx19 before.

The bullet looks like it has a silver metal tip and perhaps a non-lead core. Does anyone know about the bullet construction of this round?

Fiocchi has sold the 158gr subsonic FMJ under several case stamps and boxes. I have an older silver-colored Fiocchi box, case stamp ‘, G.F.L. 9mm Luger’, no visible PA.

I have also seen Fiocchi 158gr subsonic FMJ with colored PA advertised as ‘Navy SEAL’ ammunition.

I’ll post a pic of mine ASAP.

Lew, are you referring to the FMJ bullets pictured?

Federal has marketed a leadless training round, 100gr ‘Ballisticlean’. It looks like a FPJSP, and the core is stranded zinc inside a copper jacket.

Here’s a pic of 3 thread-related cartridges…the UZI (IMI) 158gr blue-tip FMJ ‘Carbine’ load, the Fiocchi 158gr subsonic FMJ, and the 100gr Federal Ballisticlean leadless JHP.

FYI, many 158gr subsonic cartridges are high-pressure, even though they exhibit low (subsonic) velocities. This is especially true of the IMI load, so be aware that they were designed for the open-bolt UZI SMG and not for use in handguns.

The modern 147gr subsonic JHPs marketed by most firms are usually within SAAMI specs.