Buffalo Bore 9mmP +P+ Low Flash Penetrator

I couldn’t resist the title! I had to see what this round was. The 20 round box is their typical Blue and is almost 12ga shotshell size with an insert for large (up to .50 cal) pistol rounds. the 9mm look lost. The end label reads.

The cartridges are loaded in Starline 9mm+P brass with a very ordinary looking truncated 124gr non-magnetic bullet.

What makes these so special, except the name? Nothing about them appears to justify the title of “Penetrator”.

I’ve checked their website and it is no help.

Appears just a way to charge $1.25 for a $0.60 cartridge.



I didn’t look far enough. Found the following on their site.

[quote]Our 9mm +P+ PENETRATOR 124gr. FMJ-FN has two basic purposes.
First, when I carry a defensive/offensive handgun, I consider that should I be required to shoot another human, if I don’t kill him on the first couple shots, he will get behind cover. So, generally speaking, I will load two or three JHP cartridges to be fired first from my magazine, but all cartridges in the magazine after the first few, will be FMJ-FN so if my target is taking refuge behind a stick frame wall or a sofa or a car door, etc, I can shoot through his cover and kill him. JHP bullets may or may not penetrate various types of cover.
Second, FMJ-FN bullet designs are great for woods carry, where a person may need to shoot a bear or other wildlife that requires deep penetration. I often carry a 45 acp pistol in the woods and when I do the entire magazine and chamber are loaded with FMJ-FN cartridges. Even though I may need my “woods” pistol to fend off a human attacker, I have no hesitation that good flat nosed FMJ style bullets (this includes hard cast bullets) are effective against humans, so I see no disadvantage in carrying non-expanding bullets in my defensive pistols.
Our new 9mm +P+ PENETRATOR FMJ-FN (item # 24F) is a load I came up with for my peronal use and which I have carried for many years. I have just recently decided to introduce it to the public because of elevated demand for such a load. It is loaded with flash suppressed powders as are our other 9mm loads. As always, see the below real world velocities taken from my personal pistols, not laboratory test barrels.
• 1317 fps Browning MK 111 Hi Power
• 1298 fps Glock Mod. 19

I’m surprised that they are showing velocity data for 2 pistols that are not necessarily rated for +P+ ammo, depending on model version.

I bought one of these boxes months ago (the penetrator name caught my eye) and it is easily the largest 20rd box of ammo I have ever seen. It is the only pistol cartridge box I have that wont fit in my collection drawers for boxes.


I have broken a Belgian/Portugese BHP MkIII with hot ammo. It’s slide still sits in my locker as mute reminder to read case stamps and know what they mean (younger and dumber was I).

Conversely, I recall that the Austrians and maybe a few others used the Hirtenberger 9mmP 100gr +p+ JSP LE load in their Glocks. I’ve run gobs of IMI, IVI, Brit, Hirtenberger (L7A1 and the 100gr), Federal, Speer, Remington, Winchester and other 9mm +p+/carbine/high pressure cartridges through many 9mm Glock 19s, 17s, 26s and 17Ls with no problems (variously 2nd and 3rd Gen).

Wear was accelerated, but not by any dangerous measure or in a way that would interfere with normal service life of the pistol. The Glock is one of the few platforms that I don’t worry about feeding high-pressure fodder.

As for the BB ammo, I’m kind of disappointed with their packaging, but really pleased with their delivery of very high velocities.

Lastly, I’d like to see their version of ‘low-flash’. Current factory LE +p and +p+ 9mm from Speer, Winchester and Federal has a markedly brighter flash than most of their standard-pressure LE stuff.