Buffalo Bore expansion fund & video

I came across an interesting crowdfunding effort and a factory video from Buffalo Bore today. Apparently they are outgrowing their capacity & space and need to expand. Instead of just doing a bank loan they are trying out a crowdfunding effort via Indiegogo. The effort is one where whatever amount you donate, you receive that amount as credit in their online store, which benefits them by essentially raising money via their profit margin. The incentive to the funder is that at & above the $350 mark, you receive perks such as free shipping, or even more credit than what you donate, such as receiving $1,111 store credit if you donate $1,000, which is obviously still within their profit margin enough to allow them to make money. I can’t imagine that they will actually hit their goal of $750,000 (which I presume means they are trying to raise around $250,000 in actual dollars if their profit margin is at least 30%), but it is a good effort on their part nonetheless.

In the video at the link below, the owner Tim Sundles takes you on a tour of the facility and his home explaining the whole project. I am fairly familiar with the operation since I looked into them quite a bit for my SCHP book, which Buffalo Bore is featured in.