Buffalo Rock 38 Special

I understand that there has been an explosion at Buffalo Rock Shooters Supply factory in 1988 and 4 people died. What happened to the company after this accident? Sorry, scanner broke, will post headstamp later.

I had not heard of an explosion at Buffalo Rock before, but that date of 1988 seems to be really significant. The only information I have on this company is that 1988 is their last-known date of operation. The only “new” ammunition they made seems to have been .38 Special, and the unusual " * Buffalo Rock * 38 SPL" headstamped brass they used, unusual because the “Buffalo Rock” is in the form of handwriting, rather than printing, was made for them by Starline. They were actually a relaoding company, and may have loaded other calibers of ammunition in previously fired cases.

They sold their cartridges, at least their reloads, boxed as “CHE V RON” brand, with the name spelled with gaps and the “V” much bigger than the other letters. The complete name of the company was Buffalo Rock Shooters Supply, at Rute f, Ottawa, Illinois 61350.

If they had a tragedy of the magnitude mentioned, it would explain their closing in that year, not to reopen.

Reference: Information from George Kass c.1996

John–I have the following address for Buffalo Rock:

Buffalo Rock Shooters Supply, Route 1, Ottawa, WI 61350

This is from the IAA Headstamp list, but it is obviously wrong as a check with the Post Office Zip Code list shows 61350 as the Zip Code for Ottawa, Illinois, just as you reported.

We REALLY need to revise the headstamp list on the IAA site. There are quite a few mistakes, not to mention the HUNDREDS of headstamps not listed.

Ron - I am not on that committee. I have only agreed to proof read any new list or new entries if asked to do so, and correct them as needed and as I can. I agree that the headstamp list is way out of date, and needs a tremendous amount of corrections.l That list was proof read many times, and as originally prepared, I can’t say that it had no errors, but it had none that I could find. Once I forwarded the list back to those in charge of it, and it was posted, I have no idea what happened. Some errors I had corrected were still in it, and other things had happened to the list that appear to have been caused by some anomoly in the posting of it.

At any rate, it needs a complete revision. As to completeness, no such list by anyone will ever be anywhere near complete. I was working on a listing of every known metallic cartridge headstamp made in or for Mexico, and I figured there would be about 40. I have recorded over 200, but unfortunately, have not had time in the last seven years or so when I started it to do anything more with it. I still have an uncompleted article in my computer that I doubt will ever be finished and published. Regardless, there are hundreds that could be added. For one thing, every headstamp questioned and identified on this Forum should be added to the list.

I do not have time to tackle this anymore. I gave up my job as Secretary of IAA because of time problems. I simply have other things in my life and cannot take this project on. As it is, I am effectively two years behind in projects relating to the maintenance of my own collection and library, and falling farther behind every day.

Here is a link to the news story from 1988.
query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.h … A96E948260

Vlad - is there any way to access the full story, rather than just the lead to the story? I tried to access even just the lead as you had it, filling out the blocks for title, date, source, etc., and it returned zero results. The full story would probably tell how long they had been in business and the namne of one or more pincipals in the firm.

Try this link. Tells a little more about the explosion and their legal problems afterwards
books.google.com/books?id=6lItmv … wDSK13iad0