Bulgarian .22

I was digging around in the Bulletins of the Czech cartridge collector club and came across this Bulgarian .22 box with a logo I have not seen before.
We know the pissible manufacturers are few if not limited to one (#10 Arsenal).


  • Is this box made by Arsenal?
  • Are other views of this box available? (showing the factory name or date)
  • Who knows how the contained headstamp is looking like?
  • Does anybody have this box or a document with this logo on in better quality? I would be looking for a high res scan of it for my database.

Ok, have found in Roger Huegel’s guides on .22s that this box was made in 1964.

All other questions remain.

Alex, this box is great. The manufacturer is “Kazanlak Machine Works” (Kazanlak Mashinostroiteln Zavod or KMZ), that was a factory inside the Factory No. 10 complex better known for manufacturing milling and drilling machines. I don’t know why it was indentified as an idependent factory, but maybe they had a different manufacturing line(?). Their logo is a rose in the valley -between mountains- enclosed by a gear. Here is a better image:


I’m afraid I don’t know the contents and I don’t have other pictures of this box. Headstamp could have been 10 inside star or 10 inside two circles, or maybe even F. inside circle, as all are found in No. 10/Engels boxes, but this is just speculation of my part.



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Fede, thanks a lot! This is great info!
The image here is good enough to redraw a new one.

Do you happen to have an image of the marking where it spells the factory in Bulgarian (Cyrillic)?

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Alex, I don’t have a good image, but the correct name in Bulgarian Cyrillic is “Казанлъшки Машиностроителен Завод”. It is very similar to the name used by current VMZ (Вазовски Машиностроителни заводи), but without “и” and the end of the 2nd and 3rd words.

Fede, that is good enough to reproduce it on the keyboard. Thanks again!

Diavolo, great boxes, thanks a lot for sharing !!!

I’m glad you liked this box set! Unfortunately, I do not have one like your box, I have never seen one … Everything is made in Kazanlak. Before (under communism) the factory used to be called “Friedrich Engels”, now it is called “Arsenal”. Here are more pictures of the big boxes.

Diavolo, thanks again, good reference!
Yes, I am aware of the “Engels” and “Arsenal” names.

It was a pleasure for me! Just collecting empty boxes, they are interesting. Best Regards!