Bulgarian 7.62x51

Does anyone have a checklist of Bulgarian brass cased 7.62x51 loadings and headstamps? Pictures of boxes would be great too. Thanks, Fede.

Fede, not much I can contribute.
I registered these hs:
10 03 7.62x51
10 70

  • 10 * 7,62x51 (here I am not sure if it actually is Bulgarian)

I can’t add to the list except that I believe the *10 * 7.62x51 was manufactured in Austrian for export to an unknown country.


Dave, I agree that it looked like those Austrian * HP * 7.62x39 hs.
More info would be welcome.

Alex & Dave, thank you for the information. Guided by Munnery’s comments on the * 10 * 7,62x51 as being made by Hirtenberger, one can compare this one with several HP cartridges and it looks identical to those headstamped * HP * 7,62x51 (both have six-pointed star on both sides).

A new production by Arsenal will be available for sale in the States and its headstamp probably is 10 13 7,62x51, but haven’t seen any yet.

Fede, is there any new info if these Hirtenberger cartridges were maybe made for Bulgaria? As we know there was a lot of other cartridge business between the two countries where Bulgaria is believed to having made cases with HP hs (7.62x39 copper clad steel blanks).

Some time back somebody posted here the info of new Bulgarian brass cased 7.62x39 having entered the US market. Have any shown up by now?

I really don’t know if these were made for Bulgaria as I have never seen boxes or documentation about it.

New Bulgarian brass cased 7.62x39 cartridges headstamped 10 13 7,62x39 are already available for sale in the US market. These are being imported by a new company named Ammo Importers LLC in boxes specially made for them. Brass cased calibers soon to be available/imported also include 5.56x45 and .380 Auto.

Fede, thanks! So we can look forward to see the hs sooner or later.

This is an otherwise standard 7,62x51 5 round charger only with an unusual marking, especially if the ‘65’ represents a date. I wonder how it fits into this story.

Happy collecting,


Peter, this one fits as far as Bulgaria made copper clad steel cases in the 1960’s-1970’s for export (also Spanish labeled boxes are known).

Friend, this ítem was found in Chile. The case and bullet are made of copper clad Steel.


Claudio, so the Spanish language box labels were for Chile?

Alex, could be, but I don´t have the box of these cartridges.
I would like to have the box.


Alex & Claudio, the source of Bulgarian 7.62x51 ammunition found in Chile was a very large weapons cache seized between August and September 1986. Evidence indicated that it was delivered from Cuba and the recipient was the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front (FPMR) of Chile.

Cuba acted as a regional supplier to several organizations in South America, which means that the Spanish Labeled boxes could have been made for other countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, all well known Cuban clients.

Fede, would Cuba deal with ammo in a caliber they did not use themselfes? Just out of curiosity.

There are Bulgarian 9x19 with CCS cases also with Spanish labeling. Any thoughts on this? Cuba too?

Cuba received thousands of US weapons coming from Vietnam, mostly M16 rifles, but also M14 rifles and M60 machine guns in 7.62x51. Evidently they didn’t kept these for their own armed forces, or at least not in great numbers, and they acted as the main supplier for the rest of South America.

Here is paragraph about this subject:

Fede - what is the document that paragraph came from? It is very interesting to me, because for example, I have a Spanish-language box for Bulgarian 9 mm Para brass-case ammunition headstamped “10 64” which I believe originally went to Cuba. So, there is a crossover of information germane to my collection.

Thanks Fede!

So was Vietnam sending captured US weapons to Cuba or was it somebody else like the USSR?

John, this document is hand titled “Report on arms caches seized in Chile 10/86”. I does not mention any pistol ammunition, but I thought that the brass cased headstamp for Cuba was 10 63 and that the 10 64 headstamp was only reported in copper/steel cases. Am I confusing this?

I presume that this ammunition was made for Czechoslovakian Sa vz. 23 submachine guns used by Cuba and also supplied to Nicaraguan aligned organizations.

Alex, all the reports I have seen indicate that these US weapons were delivered directly by the Vietnamese communist regime in Hanoi.

Fede - you are correct, as usual. The brass case rounds I have are dated 62 and 63. Both 16-round boxes that I have - one labeled in Spanish and one with no label - are with the 63-dated cartridge. I have never seen a box for the 62-dated round. I have the 64 date and it is a CWS case.

My only excuse is that I am getting over some oral surgery (well, trying to get over it I should say) and on medication from it. I try not to run up and down the stairs to my cartridge collection and go way too much by memory. At my age, that is dangerous. I seldom remember what day it is, and sometimes not even the month! Getting old is wonderful! :-(

Thanks for bringing it to my attention so I could correct this freshman error.